About ABA Music Studio.

We are a fully equipped private studio that welcomes students from beginning to advanced levels. The program, designed by Ana Belen Abreu, focuses on the teaching of music through a carefully designed method that allows students obtain effective results in their area of concentration. There are specific methods for vocalists and instrumentalists. For every specialization the student is directed through assignments and procedures that insure the improvement of technique and styling abilities. Every session is combined with music theory, sight singing and ear training exercises that allow the student to understand how music works and to be able to apply this knowledge through their voice or instrument. For best results music theory courses are also offered as a separate subject.

Ana Belen Abreu
Singer, Flutist, Coach.
Founder and Director.

About Ana Belen Abreu.

Ana is a classically trained professional flutist and vocalist with a Bachelor of Music and an extensive background of performances and collaborations with renowned artists from around the world. As a performer, she has had the privilege to receive master classes from Tadeo Cohelo, William Bennett and other “maestros” of the flute. She has participated in important Music Festivals, such as Sewanee Music Festival (United States) and the Caracas 1st Latin-American Festival (Venezuela). She was also awarded with the first price at the Young Artist Competition of the Florida Flute Association in 2002.

Besides playing in symphony orchestras and classical music ensembles, Ana has also developed a career in the modern music field. She has toured several times with famous singers and musicians such as Chayanne, Marc Anthony, Raul Di Blassio and others. As an educator, she concentrates in private vocal coaching, flute and piano instruction, working individually with the student. She has also developed group programs such as music theory group classes, choirs, vocal ensembles and chamber music as well as seminars and workshops for voice and instruments. To watch videos of performances and learn more about her experience and career, please visit www.anabelenmusic.com.

Our Mission.

The mission of A.B.A. Music Studio is to inspire students to learn by providing efficient methods to help them understand and execute music. Our program assists talented students and professionals to reach their highest musical achievements. It also encourages children and adults who have a passion for music and wish to learn how to sing or play an instrument. Our goal is to provide the necessary knowledge required to help students reach the best possible results. Music is an essential part of a well-rounded curriculum and complete education, and it clearly links to achievement in other subjects as well. The foundation of a creative, diverse and educated society starts with our children, today.